Monday, May 1, 2017

My Favorite Shows to Watch on Netflix

Hello Lovelies!
I was struggling to decide what to write about today when I realize it's been a long time since I last did a Netflix, movie, or TV post. I've mentioned on here before how much i love to binge watch TV shows on Netflix so I figured I would share my favorite shows and tell you how many time I've watched them!
Also, just to torture myself, I'm going to do it in order of my favorite.

1. My number one love in TV land would most definitely be The Vampire Diaries, my mom and I are obsessed, I think we've watched the series maybe 3 times since we first started watching last year.

2. My second love is The 100, I've watched it probably two, maybe three time in the last year.

3.The Walking Dead is currently one of my favorite shows to watch, I started watching it on Netflix in late October and watched every episode by the time the second half of the latest season started back in January!

4. Grey's Anatomy is another love my mom and I share, we've watched grey's for years and I'd say we've watched it all the way through at least five times.

5. I started watching Gilmore girls about two years ago on ABC Family and then I started watching it on Netflix, I've watched every episode at least twice by now, if not more.

6. I think my next binge marathon is going to be round two for Longmire, I've been wanting to re-watch it for some time now and just haven't been able to.

7. My mom and I started Scandal last summer and fell in love, we've been watching the newest season every Thursday on TV, but we aren't loving it as much as past seasons.

8. I love me some Vampires, that's why I love the Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals! We've watched this one twice and we are loving the current season on TV right now.

9. I love me some Full House, so Fuller House has made me so happy, I love seeing the old cast come together. So far I've only watched it once, but I'm up for round two anytime!

10. I've been watching Gossip Girl for two years now and I still haven't made it through all six seasons! I keep making it to season five and stopping, I get bored and then I want to re-start because I go so long between watching that I forget what has happened. Ugh! It's so frustrating, I want to hurry up and finish it!

So now that you've seen what I love to watch, share with me some of your favorite shows on Netflix, I'm looking for some new recommendations!

Leave your suggestions below!