Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Accessories

Good morning lovelies, I hope you're all having a great day!
A few months ago I made this, but I forgot about it, and I never finished it. So last week when I was playing around on Polyvore I found it in my draft box, and I decided it was time to finally finish it.

Spring Accessories

I've been looking for a new phone case and I'm seriously thinking about ordering this Kate Spade iPhone case. But I'm also thinking of waiting till August when the new iPhone comes, I'm due for an upgrade, and I really need more storage.
I think I'm going to wait on the phone and instead buy the these Kate Spade earrings.  
To be honest I really don't know, I'm sure I'll make up my mind, eventually!

Well that's all for today, I hope you enjoyed my picks for accessories this spring!


  1. You can wait another two and a half months! Get the earrings!!!

    Love Always,

    1. Your comment made me laugh, I think I've decided to wait!