Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Book Review: Remind Me

Today I will be reviewing 'Remind Me' by Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers, copy received from Netgalley via (InterMix) Penguin Group, in exchange for an honest review.

'Remind Me' is a Contemporary Romance novel, it is 273 pages long and it took me about five hours to read. It is available at Amazon (Kindle), for $4.99, and at Barne & Noble (NOOKBook) for $4.99.

About The Book

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 273 Pages

Publisher: InterMix, Penguin Group

Release Date: April 21, 2015

Book Synopsis
As heiress to a media empire Alessandra Sinclair was raised to put family obligations first. But everything changes the night her first love walks back into her life and turns her whole world upside down. Haunted by the memories of a secret romance with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, she can't seem to get Hudson Chase out of her mind. Once again torn between two worlds, Allie must decide how much she's willing to risk to have the love she's always longed for.

Ten years is a long time to wait, but billionaire Hudson Chase didn't become CEO of one of the country's fastest growing company's by giving up on what he wants. Now that he's got Allie in his sights again, he's determined to make her regret breaking his heart. And this time, he's going to make damn sure he's not so easy to forget.

What did I think? 3 Stars

Like: The ending. Cliffhanger!
Dislike: Too much sex, not enough story.

Would I recommend it?
I think this is one of those books where it comes down to what you like and don't like in books. I can't really give a yes or no answer. The best answer I can give is that you should just read a few reviews to see for yourself if you think it's something you would want to read.

I went into this book thinking I was going to love it and that it would immediately get 5 Stars, but after reading the book I can only give it 3 Stars. I thought this was going to be a sweet second chance love story, instead it was filled with random  explicit sex scenes and not much else.

I don't mind sex scenes or cursing, however I do think it was definitely overdone in this book. Nowhere in the description did it indicate that this book would fit into the erotica category.

I think this book is a lot like Fifty Shades of Grey, but definitely better. However, even though there was a lot I didn't like about this book, I do plan on reading the next book in the series because the ending to this book was very promising. Maybe it will change my mind on the first book, who knows.

Thank you Penguin Group via Netgalley for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review!
Will you be buying this book? Let me know below!

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