Tuesday, June 14, 2016

20 Before 20

Hello Lovelies!
Well, what can I say, the fact that my birthday was in March and I'm just now posting this isn't very promising...

I was looking through my drafts today and I realized that for some reason I never posted my 20 Before 20 list!
Plan a trip.
Visit somewhere new.
Read 20 books for pleasure.
Purchase my first pair of high heels.
Lose 30 pounds.
Get my nose pierced.
Get a small tattoo.
Buy a new car,
Start apartment hunting.
Pay off my credit card debt.
Save $400.
Start college.
Maintain a good GPA in my first semester back in a traditional school setting.
Visit a trampoline park.
Go to my first concert.
Be able to run a mile.
Get a real haircut instead of a trim. (Maybe go red too!)
Say yes more!
Actually do what's on my list!

I'm gonna try to do an update in a few months to show my progress, I've actually crossed a few off already! It's go time! Can I complete my 20 Before 20 challenge before March 13, 2017!
Have you attempted a challenge like this before?

Let me know below!


  1. Love reading your blog. Like you, I've wanted a nose piercing for YEARS having it on my bucket list too. Finally did it turning 25 when I checked this off my bucket list. So glad I did. I love it! Only regret was not doing it sooner so I could have enjoyed it sooner and all the lovely compliments from my BF's a little "nose ring envy" from others who want one too!

    You have such a pretty eyes and a cute nose so know it will suit your well. Promise you'll smile everytime you look in the mirror and wonder like I did why you didn't do it sooner :) Write me if you have an concerns or questions.



    1. Thank you so much! You are very kind. I've wanted my nose piercing forever and my workplace just started letting us wear facial piercings, so I'm going to get it really soon! I can't wait!

  2. Lori,

    Thanks for responding! Glad to hear the good news about workplace policy changes for you. You have such as pretty face and cute nose so I know a little diamond stud will look lovely.

    Don't hesitate to write if any ? or picture of mine. Recently switched to a little silver hoop which I A-D-O-R-E.

    Promise you look super cute and very feminine with a little pierced nose :)