Saturday, December 31, 2016

Links to Love + Top 4 Posts of 2016

Hello Lovelies!
This was supposed to go up yesterday, but it was a long day. It started out with only 5 hours of sleep (the most sleep I've got all week)! I started out at my family doctor and I was supposed to go get blood work after that, but I didn't have time, so I'll be doing that next week!

I was late getting called back, which put me behind schedule leaving for my doctors appointment in Nashville!!! I was already anxious about getting my injection, since the last one didn't go so well, so of course my blood pressure was a little high all day.

I was really worried cause if you're more than 15 minutes late you have to reschedule your appointment and we live almost two hours away from Nashville. (Yes, it's ridiculous that I have to drive two hours for a injection that takes less than 15 minutes!) Somehow we managed to make it to the doctor with 5 minutes to spare! (Thank you, God.)

Overall, it really wasn't a bad trip, I love going to Nashville, I just wish we weren't so rushed and I could have enjoyed it a little more. So I'm off work for another four days to recover and I'm hoping I can spend it planning content for the new year!

Also, some good news from yesterday, I've lost 8 pounds since I saw the doctor in November! I had no idea but I'm really happy about it!

Here's this week's Links to Love!
Instagram is one of my most ignored social media channels, I always forget about it. Maybe this hashtag cheat sheet will help me step up my game, I suck at hashtags, so wish me good luck!

Sadly I'll be in bed all weekend, but I can still look at all the cute NYE dresses, right? Next year I'm thinking either Nashville or Florida for NYE, if I can get time off work!

10 Signs you are a Mature Adult
I got 2 out of 10!

Standing Core Workout
I definitely want to give this a try in a few weeks when I'm feeling better!

Writing My Story's Best Blog Posts of 2016
Things That Annoy Me: Driving

Well, Goodbye 2016! I hope you all have a good night, be safe, enjoy, and get ready for 2017!
 Are you ready for 2017? Let me know below!

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