Thursday, October 18, 2012

26 Things You Don't Know About Me

    So if you've been following my blog since I first started it on September 3, 2012, then you would know that as my first blog post I did a post telling you about me. It mainly consisted of me telling you about why I was starting this blog, and about my personality and how i'm different than most would expect me to be. But then I figured out how to make pages, so it has it's own page, and is no longer a post. Today I will be telling you more in depth details about myself, from weird stuff to things you won't care about, here we go.
  1. I'm allergic to cats.
  2. I rarely drink soda.
  3. I love anything Vanilla scented. (Especially candles).
  4. I love to read.
  5. I love history.
  6. I hate math.
  7. I'm OCD, everything has to be in order. At times I'll go a week w/out cleaning then I freak out.
  8. I'm germa-phobic.
  9. I can't sleep without a fan, regardless of how cold I am.
  10. I love chocolate.
  11. My favorite shows are Pretty Little Liars, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Downton Abbey, and Switched at Birth. Also RIP Make it or Break It (Cancelled)and Jane by Design
  12. I enjoy living in the present, but am fascinated with history, and how they lived their life.
  13. I no longer have toenails on my big toes, and on one little toe. Which leaves me with only 7 toenails. (Ingrown's hurt, take care of your feet kids).
  14. I only cook when I'm hormonal.
  15. I'm obsessed with Demi Lovato's music.
  16. I listen to the Ramones and Motley Crue.
  17. I love to travel, but only travel out of the county I live in once a year.
  18. I usually only leave my house once or twice a week.
  19. I'm a natural blonde, but currently have a deep brunette color going on, that at the moment I'm not rocking cause my roots look horrible.
  20. I love to babysit, but refuse to change diapers.
  21. I can't dance at all.
  22. I'm a picky eater, and OCD about my food touching, I use plates that have dividers in them.
  23. I've lived in an apartment for nearly my entire life.
  24. I used to help my mom make handmade quilts, and still do from time to time.
  25. My bookshelf is overflowing, so I started putting some of mine on my mom's shelf.
  26. I do High School Online
    Okay so there are 26 Things You Don't Know About Me. Again some weird, some expected, but that's me, and that's okay. Do we share some of the same? Do you think any of these are weird? Would you admit to any of them like I did?
                                                                           Stay Creative,
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