Monday, December 17, 2012

Weight Loss Mondays: Week 1

     So last month I said I was going to start either a monthly or weekly series featuring my weight loss series. I did that before I was injured which is why I haven't posted again since, but now I've recovered and will be getting back to my diet and exercise routine this week
     I've never really showed photos of myself on here, but I decided to do so today, I made a collage showing me in October 2011 and a photo taken last week.
(Please excuse the mess in the after picture, and yes that's chocolate you see on the bed.)
     So as you can see my body has changed significantly in the past year, it really is amazing, just thinking about how I still looked like the before picture in April. I guess it just goes to show what hard work and determination can do.
    Okay let's get started with this weeks successes and failures.
    My biggest success would be finally getting the swelling down on my leg, and it's no longer hurting so next week i'm going to start exercising.
    My biggest failures are both my not exercising and not dieting. So as I already mentioned I haven't been able to exercise since the day before Thanksgiving, and due to not being able to do much I've been a bit depressed.
    Since I've been depressed about not being able to do anything and being in constant pain I've ate like a pig. And I would just like to add I have damn well enjoyed every minute of it.
   Until Saturday morning I hadn't weighed myself since being injured over Thanksgiving weekend, and to be honest I thought I had gained about 15 pounds because of my bingeing on chocolate all month. So did I gain or lose weight????
  Weight Lost This Week/Month: 5 pounds       
  Total Weight Lost Since April 2012: 54 pounds
    I honestly was blown away when I saw the number on the scale, I haven't weighed this little in over 2 years. So I'm not expecting much next week, but I'm hoping that I can lose a little weight, and if not maybe I can put into detail the excruciating pain I'll be in since I haven't exercised in a month.
    So that's all for today I hope this inspire's you to stick to your diet.Let me know your thoughts in the comment's section. Stay Creative my lovelies, I'll post again very very soon.
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