Friday, January 4, 2013

5 Words: Week 2

     So as you may know if you read my blog regularly I decided to start this new series a few weeks ago. But I also decided not to post last week due to it being Christmas and I just really didn't want to bother you with anything else to do.
     As you may know these words are not related and there's no reason as to why I picked them. I just felt these were 5 words that might interest you, whether you know their real meaning or not, so enjoy.

Recidivism- A habitual relapse into crime.

Convoluted-  1.) Extremely complex and difficult to follow.
                       2.)Intricately folded, twisted, or coiled.

Inquisitive-  Curious or inquiring.

Implausible-  Not seeming reasonable or probable; failing to convince; not believable.

Fervid-    1.) Intensely enthusiastic or passionate.
                2.) Burning, hot, or glowing

       So there's this week's 5 words, let me know what you think, and come back soon I have a lot planned out for January.  Stay Creative my lovelies, I'll post again very very soon.
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