Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Words: Week 37

   This week hasn't been so great, but I'm hoping next week will be better. I have a lot coming up, and I'm really excited about it.
      Here's this week's 5 Words....

Sectile- Capable of being cut smoothly with a knife.
Sobersided- Solemn or grave in disposition , attitude, character,etc. ; serious minded.
Fleer- To grin or laugh coarsely or mockingly
Corsair- A pirate, especially formerly of the Barbary Coast.
Newtonian- Of or pertaining to Sir Issac Newton, the English philosopher.

        So that is all for this week, be sure to check back next week. I'm really excited for next week, I've got some really interesting stuff coming up over the next few weeks.. Stay Creative my lovelies, I'll post again very very soon.
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