Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekly Inspiration

When you're trying to lose weight it's easy to your motivation when you aren't seeing results, but I think the best way to get that motivation back is to focus on how far you've come.

So far I've lost about 8 pounds, but about two months ago I hit a plateau and I've been feeling stuck. In the past I would give up, eat whatever I wanted and quit exercising, but as you get older you learn lessons. 

One lesson I've learned is that you have to focus on the progress you've made and use it to motivate you. 
So stop dwelling on how much farther you have to go, celebrate how far you've come, set goals, and do the work, in time you will see results, it's just going to take a little bit longer than you want it to!
Hang in there!

Goal: Focus on the progress you've made!


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