Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Good Deals #3

       Today I wasn't sure what I wanted to post, so I went back and looked at the past few months to see if it would help inspire me. While I was browsing through my archives I realized I hadn't done a Good Deals post since March, so I think it's about time for a new post.

1.)   Topshop Princess Seam Tank Dress- $40.00 (Link)
   - I think this dress is a really good deal because you can wear it all the time. You could dress it up for a night out, or just wear it with flats during the day, and it would still look perfect.

2.) Whichgoose White Rose Bobby Pins- $20.00- (Link)
- This is a set of 4 bobby pins, and the reason I decided to include them is because they are so adorable, and they would just be perfect to wear during the summer.
    I also wanted to include them because they are part of a new partnership that Nordstrom has, they have teamed up with Etsy to provide a new collection of handmade and vintage goods.  I've never used Etsy, but I know a lot of people do, so if you didn't know about this new collection, now you do.

3.) Bobeau Asymmetric Knit  Maxi Skirt- $59.00  $39.90 (Link)
- First I would just like to point out that this skirt is currently available for 30% off. Not only that but it looks so soft, you can just tell by looking at it that it so comfortable. I think this skirt would look good on all body types because of the ruched seams, I love clothes with ruched sides because they are so flattering.

4.) Deborah Lippmann 'Let's Go Crazy' Glitter Nail Color- $19.00 (Link)
 -Normally I would never consider paying more than $5.00 for a nail polish, but if I could find this nail color in a store near me, I would so buy it.  It is so pretty, I've had this on my wishlist for months, and I think I just might have to break down and buy it.

5.) Steve by Steve Madden 'Easy Going' Tote- $90.00  (Link)
- This is the perfect tote bag, it could be used for many different situations. It could be used as a gym bag, beach bag, diaper bag, or just as an everyday bag. It has a lot of little compartments, which I absolutely love, and it also has an optional crossbody strap.

Okay so that's all for today,  I know everything is from Nordstrom, but I feel like everything included is a great price and I would be stupid to not tell you about it. So let me know what you think below and tell me if you buy any of the items listed above. Stay Creative my lovelies, I'll post again soon.
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