Saturday, December 14, 2013

Making Changes

      On Thursday I posted about wanting to change the name of my blog, but after receiving feedback from readers and bloggers, I decided not to. For now anyway.
      I may decide to change it in a few weeks, who knows, but for now I think I'll leave it alone.

    So I didn't change that, but I did change something else. Do you know what it is???

   I decided to get rid of my Bucket List Page, and instead I replaced it with an 18 by 18 Page. I made this decision because with the bucket list there's a lot of stuff on there I can't do till I'm over 18, so in the year I've had that page I only accomplished one thing.
     I made sure that everything on my 18x18 page was something I could do even though I'm a minor.

   Something else I've changed recently is adding a contact me page. I use t have my e-mail and twitter at the bottom of every post, but I decided to get rid of it, that way it would be easier to find.

    A few days ago I asked some people in a writers group I'm in to give me some advice on my blog, I want to thank Rebekah and Alice for their advice. If your reading this you have no idea how much your advice helped.
    Before I made that post I was terrified of anything to do with coding or even attempting to work with HTML, but I faced my fear, and I've been trying to work on it. I want to learn more, and maybe someday I'll be able to actually make a header, but until then I'm satisfied with what I have done.

     At this time yesterday I wouldn't have been able to make that photo appear to save my life, but I did, and it's so freaking COOL! Sorry but I'm really excited and had to show off my new skills!

   So that's all for today, come back tomorrow for my third Christmas Music Playlist. By the way before I go, I just realized that I've written everyday this week, that's the first time I've ever done that.
                                                        Stay Creative,
                                                                       Lori Ann


  1. Good for you on figuring this stuff out! Your archive says you've been blogging since 2012. I'm assuming you started getting serious about it this year? One awesome place to start it simply Google. I chose to pay for a whole design because I don't have the time to really figure everything out myself. Go to Google and type in something like "how to create a blog header" There are many blogs out there that give tutorials of all things blogging, you just have to take some time to search. That's actually how many bloggers create their own little design shop. I love the picture by the way! A cupcake sounds so great right now :) You're blog is looking great right now! I'm your newest follower. If you have any blogging questions feel free to email me at:


  2. Thank you. And yes I did just get serious, I guess you could say the middle of September was when I really started working hard. I found the cupcake through, they had backgrounds and headers you could download, but I wasn't able to really find anything I liked. I'm going to keep looking, and just take the time to find something I really like. Thanks for following, and I'll definitely e-mail you if I need any help.