Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netflix TAG

Hello lovelies!
Today I will be doing the Netflix TAG! I've been seeing this tag a lot recently and I decided I wanted to join in on the fun!

So here it is!

All Time Favorite
Pretty Little Liars
I love me some PLL, I've watched every single episode of the show and I recently decided I wanted to watch it from the beginning.

Currently Addiction
Gossip Girl!
I started watching Gossip Girl in January and I'm addicted, I never watched it when it was airing on TV and so it's been lots of fun being able to do marathons of it and not having to wait till the next week to see what happens!

Flight 29 Down, Sonny With A Chance, Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Snow White, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Hunger Games, THG: Mockingjay Part 1 (Yes I know it's not even available on DVD yet, I just really wanna see it)!

Pet Peeve
I hate that I can no longer watch Netflix everyday! We recently switched internet providers to a satellite internet and they didn't tell us till after we signed a 2 year contract that I can't use Netflix! #NotImpresssed

Marathon Essentials
Pillow, fuzzy blanket, chocolate, heating pad, water, and either chips or popcorn.

You Should Watch
The Lying Game, Tyler Perry's Temptation, Grace Unplugged, Gilmore Girls, PLL.

I nominate all of you, if you do this tag, leave your links below, I would love to read them!


  1. I LOVED the Lying Game but then they just cancelled it and the ending was so awful (mostly because it was a season finale and not an ending). I also love PLL and recently watched them all over again - I was getting really confused with the plot this past fall, but it does actually really follow through in a reasonable manner if you go back to season 1! It's hard to keep up with all the little things watching it week by week though.

    I would totally do this because I think it's so fun to see what everyone else is watching, but I am actually one of the last people in the world who do not have netflix. I have to rely on old fashioned streaming from random websites to binge watch tv shows haha.

    1. The ending for the Lying Game was so wrong, they should have at least gave us a few more episodes instead of just leaving us hanging. I did the same thing with PLL, I started re-watching season 1 right before the new season started , so I'm really confused! Netflix is so addicting!