Friday, July 31, 2015

Links to Love

Hello Lovelies!
This week has been exhausting, after my four hours today I will have worked 36 hours this week with only one day (yesterday) off. Honestly though I don't even feel like I had Yesterday off because I was so busy. All I did was go to the chiropractor and then I came home to clean house, do laundry and get some school work done!

My original plan was to use yesterday to catch up on blogging and school, but things didn't go the way I wanted them to. However, I did get a few things planned out and I have a game plan for next week and some ideas for the following week and that's all that matters to me!

Thankfully I have Monday AND Tuesday off next week, I can't wait to be able to actually sleep in and not feel guilty or rushed. Monday I'm actually going to go take the test to get my driver's permit, so technically I won't be sleeping in then, but maybe I can take a nap when I get home!
I love Samantha's blog and this post is one of the reasons why.

The Most Powerful Knowledge A Girl Can Know About Herself
I really love this post, I think every woman NEEDS to read this and really think about it. You have to know your values, limits, mind, "love language" and your vision for your life!

Nicole Antoinette: This One's For The Control Freaks
I admit it, I'm a control freak. Not only am I a control freak, but I also have trust issues!

The 10 Biggest Motivation Killers and How to Fix Them
Infographics are always nice to look at and I think a few of these suggestions are actually worth the read.

Very Erin: How to Make Mornings Easier ( When You Aren't A Morning Person)
I am SO not a morning person, but I can definitely say that a few of these tips definitely work. If I ever HAVE to get up super early I always move my alarm as far away from me as possible so that I HAVE to get up to shut it up.

What links have you been loving this week?
Let me know below!

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