Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book Review: Caitlyn Duffy- The Viscount's Daughter

Today I will be reviewing 'The Viscount's Daughter' by Caitlyn Duffy, I got this book through iTunes iBooks for $1.99. At this time you can also get this book through Kindle for $1.99
       'The Viscount's Daughter' is the third installment in the Treadwell Academy Series. It is 415 pages long, and is a Young Adult novel.

Since my e-book version didn't have a blurb, here is one from Amazon that I trimmed down.

      "   In some ways, Betsey Norflleet has it all.... her dad's in a famous rock band, her mom runs a glamorous cosmetics company, and her celebutante older sister is the darling of the fashion world. She even has a royal title. but Betsey has a secret, one so terrible that she doesn't think she can tell anyone.
     To prevent anyone from finding out the terrible truth about what happened to her over the summer, she arranges to have herself sent off to the Treadwell Academy, a prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts where she hopes to become better friends with Taylor Beauforte, the daughter of one of her dads friends.
      Under terrible circumstances, Betsey's able to create the life for herself that she's always wanted. She starts earning good grades, making new friends, discovers new skills and even gains the trust of Taylor. But despite all the positive thins in her life, she knows that the truth will catch up to her, eventually. Desperate to accompany Taylor on a school trip to Madrid to visit Taylor's boyfriend, Todd, Betsey know's she's risking everything in her life just to keep hiding. Will she ever find the courage to confide in someone, and if she does, will it be too late for anyone to believe her.   "

So What did I think?     5 STARS
   I think I'm becoming obsessed with Caitlyn Duffy's writing, I want a new book in the series, NOW!!!
      I read this book in about 8 hours, it is a little bit longer than the other two books, but I actually prefer longer books.
     I love that in this book it revolved around life at Treadwell Academy, in the other books we didn't get that. The only thing I would say I didn't like is how the book left Taylor's relationship in the end, but I'm hoping there will be a fourth installment in the series to clear that up. And I also really hate the mom in the story, but you'll understand that after you read the book.
     Just like the other books in the series, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. However, I would say that with this book the 12 and over age recommendation is necessary.
     With the first two I didn't feel it was necessary, but considering this book deals with sexual abuse, and even someone trying to commit suicide, I don't think it would be appropriate for younger readers.
     So that's all for today, I hope you like my little review. Have you read this book? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations?
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