Wednesday, April 19, 2017

21 Before 21: An Update

Hello Lovelies!
Since I was on my blogging break during my birthday last month, I wasn't able to post my 21 by 21 list. But I have been working on it, so today I wanted to share my 21 Before 21 list with you and give you a little bit of an update at the same time!

Get my nose pierced!
I've been talking about this forever, but it seems like every time I get the money to do it, I either get sick, or an unexpected bill comes up!

Lose 30 pounds. (10 lbs down!)
I'm doing really god right now, I'm 10 pounds down and I'm watching what I eat and finally starting to get back in the gym.

Visit a trampoline park!
I really wanna go to skyzone, it looks like so much fun!

Go zip-lining!
I'm definitely taking my best friend with me for this one, my boyfriend is scared of heights, so girl's trip it is. There's a zipline park near Nashville and there's also one close to Santa Claus, Indiana by Holiday World

Plan a trip!
I finally have enough vacation hours I can take a week off!

Get a real haircut. (DONE!)
I Haven't had more than a few inches cut off in about 10 years, but I finally did it the week after my 20th birthday!

Spend a day in Nashville.
I LOVE Nashville, but I never get to spend any time there. I was planning on spending the day after my birthday there, but ALL of my birthday plans got ruined this year, so I just sat at home and cried instead. But I WILL make it to Nashville this year for some personal time, even if I have to go by myself.

Go back to school.
If everything goes right and I'm able to find a way to finance it, I should be going back to school either in the fall or winter.

Save $100
So far I've saved $7.

Get Healthy.
I'm working on it, 10 pounds down, I've been tying new foods and I'm starting to work out more.

Be a better friend.
I feel like since I left school I never get so see my friends, I want to try changing that this year.

Become more organized. ( I'm getting there.)
I got a ew desk, I've cleaned out both of my closets and I've been cleaning like a boss for weeks now. I'm slowly getting there.

Take more pictures.
I'm used to take pictures all the time, but over the past year I haven't took as many photos, I wanna get back into taking pictures, I don't wanna look back and regret not having photos of the people in my life.

Go to the zoo!
I've been to the zoo in Evansville, Indiana before, but I really want to go back. I also wanna go to the zoo in Nashville, it's supposed to be amazing!

Get a tattoo?
I either want to get a tattoo, or finally decided if I really want one or not. I do, but I keep changing my mind. I think I just need to finally decide once and for all.

Try to learn to swim.
I can't swim, I can't even float. It's been about seven years since I was last even in the water, but I really wanna go to the beach. I've never even seen a beach, but I want to, so I need to find a way to get swimming lessons.

Continue reading my bible.
I've really been getting back into Christianity recently, for a long time I had drifted away from religion, I believed in God and his teachings, but I didn't really live by it, and I didn't read the Bible or go to church. I recently found a church I really like and I've been finding my love for God again, so I want to keep reading and learning this year.

Find a new hobby.
I need a new hobby, all I have is reading, which I love, but still I want more than just reading.

Learn more!
I'm so ready to start learning again!

Get a massage!
I have a gift certificate and I can't wait! I've never had a massage before, and I don't trust anyone in my family because they always act like they're going to massage me and then they start tickling me!

Blog more!
I'm slowly finding my love for blogging again and I'm so happy to be back at it!

Can I complete my 21 Before 21 challenge before March 13, 2018! Come back soon for an update!
Have you attempted a challenge like this before?
Let me know below!

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