Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 Things You Should Think About Before....

Hello lovelies,   
Today's post is 3 Things You Should Think About Before Dyeing Blonde Hair Brunette.
I'm a natural Blonde, and have had Blonde hair my entire life, but last June I made a decision to go Brunette.
Okay so the left photo is me in October 2011, right after I had my makeup done by a lovely lady at the local Clinique stand. The right picture is me on Thanksgiving 2012.

Sometimes I regret dyeing my hair, but most of the time I'm glad I did it. I regret it because I miss my blonde hair, but I'm glad because I've become more adventurous. Since last June I've changed my hair up multiple times.

 I used to be scared to do anything to my hair, I would literally have a panic attack when just getting a trim. In September I got choppy layers, and in October I got bangs.

At times I still regret those decisions but I'm still thankful I did it. I'm not really enjoying growing my bangs out, but who freaking cares, I made a change and I'll probably do it again.

So let's get started on the things you need to think about before dyeing blonde hair brunette....

                                   1. Money- Can you afford regular coloring's?
            This was my biggest mistake, I didn't realize how fast my hair grows or how blonde my hair really is, and thought I would be able to continue my regular every 6 month trips. But now I realize I can't, I need to go once a month, but I can't afford it. I've started lightening my hair already, and I hope to be back completely blonde by the end of the year
    2.  Time- You need to make sure your going to have the time to go to the salon to get your hair done.

        When I went the first time to have my hair dyed dark it took 5 hours to do. The second and third time I went it took about 2-3 hours. So dyeing your hair darker is a very long process, it's nothing like  going lighter. Going lighter you usually spend about two hours in there because of the chemicals in the dye are different from that in dark dye.

   3. Skin Color- Make sure the color is going to compliment your skin color.

I have very pale skin, so pale you can see nearly every vein in my body. So when I dyed my hair I didn't think about how darker hair was going to make me look even more pale than before.
And now that I've started the lightening process I made the same mistake. The picture I showed my hairstylist is that of someone with tan skin, and it looks wonderful on her, but makes me look washed out.

 Here is a picture to show what I mean. The left is me before dyeing my hair last month, and it had obvious fading. The right is today, showing what it looks like a month after coloring.
 (Also please excuse my awful dark circle's in the right picture, I'm anemic.)
  So the point of this blog post is you really have to be careful about dyeing your hair, make sure you talk with your hairstylist to get what will look right on you, not what looks right on someone else.

Okay so that's all for today, I really hope you like it.
 Lori Ann

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