Monday, March 25, 2013

Weight Loss Monday's: Week 9

    Okay so this week is the week I make a come back with good news. Last week I got a lot of good news, and this week I get to act on that.
     So I've been cleared by the cardiologist to exercise, so I'm easing back into it, I'm going to aim for 20 minutes on my stationary bike 2-3 times a week, just so I don't get sore, or get hurt. And I'm going to get back to my strength training now that my arm is better after my bad experience with a shot.
     My diet is also going to change, no more snacking. No more soda, and I'm cutting even further down on chocolate. I also  found the culprit to my weight gain. Bread.
     I had been eating toast every morning for breakfast and sometimes during the day for a snack. One day while sick with a stomach bug I ate 8 pieces of toast. So I've picked up some whole grain waffles, and I'm going to alternate between the two.
     I'm still hunting for a job, and I know once I get that it will help get the weight off because I'll be moving even more.
       Now For the biggest news of the week, is that my brother is moving out. FINALLY. I'm so freaking excited. This is really going to help a lot. I stay stressed because of him, but I'm not going to get into specifics, but lets just say with him gone my life is going to be so good.
     I noticed a pattern with my eating and exercising. When he's here I eat more because I'm stressed and because he makes cruel comments towards me. I also don't get to use my stationary bike because it's very squeaky and he bitches (sorry) about it.
    So he won't be gone till the first of the month but that's okay I can deal with another week and a half.
   Overall this past week has been full of good news after good news. And I know that by this time next month I'm going to be losing weight, less stressed, and much healthier.
   So for this week unfortunately no weight loss, but that's okay because I'm bloated, but I'm sure you can guess why, all ladies deal with it. But it actually inspires me to get busy because my jeans were already starting to get tight, and now they really are tight.
   Well that's all for this week, my happiness with last week is not only benefiting me, but also you. I will be posting everyday this week except Thursday, so I'm really excited. Stay Creative my lovelies, I'll post again very very soon.
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