Friday, March 22, 2013

5 Words: Week 12

     Okay so sorry about not posting Wednesday, I woke up with my leg cramping, and my arm numb. I think my arm was numb because of the way I'm sleep, it happens about once or twice a month, it usually lasts all day and leaves me feeling like crap.
      Anyway on Monday I told you I was going to the doctor for my foor to make sure everything was okay, well I didn't go. I also told you on Monday I had been sick for about four days with my stomach.
     That's why I didn't go, the stomach bug is going around and I didn't want to risk going to the clinic and catching something from someone else. Anyway I go to the doctor this afternoon for my foot and my stomach is finally feeling better. Unfortunately I think I gave everyone in my family what I had because they've all been sick, my little cousin has got the worse of it, so I feel really bad.
      Good news though the cardiologist read my echo and said it was safe for me to exercise, so I'm finally gonna go get my gym membership. I'm not sure if I mentioned this last week, but I got the my blood test results back last Thursday. My iron, B-12, and Vitamin D levels were all low, but my insulin level went down quit a bit.  I think I told you I had to get a B-12 shot, and well it didn't go so well, I think the nurse hit a nerve, I've spent all week hardly being able to lift my arm over my head because of it.
    So overall the past week has been full of ups and downs, but I'm still alive, and I'm gonna work through it.
     Okay so that's all about all that, now lets get to the words.

       1.) (Of a person) Fussy about one's needs or requirements.
       2.) Showing or requiring great attention to detail.
Psychedelic- Relating to or denoting drugs  (esp. LSD)  that produce hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness.
     1.) Having limits or bounds
     2.) Not infinitely small.
Jeer- Making rude and mocking remarks, typically in a loud voice.
    1.) With the intention of preventing (something undesirable); to avoid the risk of.
    2.) (After a clause indicating fear) Because of the possibility of something undesirable happening; in case.

Well that's all for this week, Stay Creative my lovelies, I'll post again very very soon.
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