Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Playlist

   I wanted to do something a little different Today, so I decided I would share my fall playlist. Below is my Fall 2013 Playlist for when you need a little something to get you through the day, or when you just feel like relaxing around the house listening to music.

                            Demi Lovato- Heart Attack
                            Zedd- Clarity
                            Katie Armiger- Better in a Black Dress
                            Lady Antebellum- Goodbye Town
                            Jimmy Eat World- The Middle
                            Bon Jovi- What Do You Got
                            Anna Nalik- Just Breath
                            Shinedown- Second Chance
                            The Civil Wars- The One That Got Away
                            The Beatles- Here Comes the Sun

     As you can tell my taste in music varies, one week I'm obsessed with country, and then the next week I'm only listening to metal. I love music. I'm very open minded, and I know what I like, and what  don't like. I tend to not like popular music, I like to find new, or less popular singers, because their music to me is more meaningful, than those on the top of the charts.
      I know not everyone will agree with my taste in music, but that's okay. Feel free to leave a comment below about your fall playlist, and about the music you'll be listening to as we go into the final few months of the year.
     So that's all for today, again sorry about the delay, I'll have my usual post up tomorrow, I've already got it scheduled so it will definitely be posted. Stay Creative my lovelies, I'll post again very very soon.
                                              Lori Ann
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