Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Studying Essentials!

    I decided today that I wanted to continue on with the school them. Today I'm going to give you my Studying Essentials, and why they are essential to my studying routine.

Studying Essentials

Studying Essentials by loriboyd 

1. Sweaters
  -When I'm studying I always make sure I have a sweater near by just in case I get cold.

2. Coffee/ Hot Chocolate Mug
  -  I don't drink coffee much, but during the winter I drink hot chocolate ALL the time. Sometimes I'll drink coffee, but only if I can get it just right.

3. Heating Pad
 - This is actually something new I've recently discovered. When I sit for a long time I get cramps in my back, and until last month I couldn't study for longer than 2 hours because my back would start hurting.
    Well last month when I was on my period I bought a new heating pad and I used it, after my period was over I got cold, so  decided to get it out and use it to keep me warm, 4 hours later I realized my back wasn't hurting and I was still sitting at my desk.

4. Blanket
 - This one is kinda for the same reason as #1. But it's different because the main reason why I have blanket by is for my lower half, my feel tend to get really cold, so having a blanket nearby is a must.

5. Candles
  - I'm a candle addict, I have like 5 candles right now that I need to finish/start burning, and I already want to buy more. I'm not able to walk past candles in a store without stopping to sniff just one. I prefer candles that are vanilla scented, and anything similar to vanilla works too.
    The reason this is on my list is because I truly believe the candles are soothing, they help me with my anxieties, and they just make the air so much nicer to breath in.

  So there are my Studying Essentials, what do you think? What are you're studying essentials? Let me know in the comments.
                                                             Stay Creative,
                                                                              Lori Ann


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  2. I've nominated you for The Sunshine Award. :) All the info is here