Monday, May 6, 2013

Weight Loss Monday's: Week 15

   So it's Monday again, and I'm really excited because I get to see my baby cousin today. My mom and I usually babysit her everyday, but her mom took her to the mountains for a vacation and I haven't seen her in a week.
     Other than that I don't think I'll be doing that much this week. I'm just going to focus on my school work (stupid Algebra), and try to get my classes finished.
       Last week I did really well with my diet. I didn't eat much, I had two whole grain waffles for breakfast every morning, and  2 big pickles for lunch. Dinner was roast and potatoes one night, then pizza, we had tacos, and then chicken the rest of the week. And again for a second week in a row I didn't eat much chocolate, I think I had maybe half a bag of chocolate.
      I think I did well with my exercise last week, I'm slowly trying to get back on my squats and weight lifting routine. I will probably go back to the gym next week, this week I'm going to focus on other health related issues.
      On that note on Friday I told you that I had something health related to tell you today. So last week I had blood work done because I had a test come back with extremely high levels two weeks ago three weeks ago when I was in the hospital, so they wanted to repeat it. It went down but was still higher than it should be. So it's a wait and see game they'll repeat the test in a few weeks.
      They also tested my iron levels and I'm still anemic. I told you back in March that my iron levels were low, well now they are extremely low, so I have to start taking an iron supplement. I've had to take an iron supplement in the past and I didn't like it, and  if you've ever had to take one then you know why.
    So that's all for today, I'll have a new post up for you on Wednesday.  Stay Creative my lovelies, I'll post again very very soon.
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