Monday, May 27, 2013

Weight Loss Monday's: Week 18

 Well I finally have made some progress, it may not be much but I lost 1 pound last week. Yay!
     It may only be 1 pound, but after being at a stand still for a few weeks this is pretty promising.
   I said a I was going to put my measurements in last weeks post but I forgot, so I'm going to do it today.
              March:                                         May:
Bust:         40"                                              40"
Waist:       34"                                              36"
Hips:         45"                                               45"

    Sadly I've gained 2" around my waist, but hopefully I will be able to shed that quickly. My diet has been good recently. I haven't been eating much, and I only got to workout twice last week.

      Total Weight Lost: 20 Pounds
      Weight Lost This Week: 1 Pound
   So that's all for today I'll have a new post up on Wednesday, I'm not sure what. It will either be another nail polish review or a book review, I haven't decided which to post.
   Stay Creative my lovelies, I'll post again very very soon.
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