Friday, November 14, 2014

5 Words: Week 94

Hello lovelies, I feel like I've finally got back on track, even though I've been sick I've managed to stay on track and get caught up on everything. I honestly thought I was going to get behind this month, but so far everything is going great.
I thought about taking the weekend off to relax, but I think instead I'm going to work hard this weekend and try to get ahead, the next few months are going to be super busy and I want to stay on track and not get behind again!

Anyway, here's this weeks 5 Words...

Hypocorism - A nickname that shows affection or closeness. 

Bel-esprit - A person with a fine and gifted mind.

Ursprache - A hypothetically reconstructed parent language.

Tintinnabular - Of or pertaining to bells or bells ringing.

Pericope - A selection or extract from a book.

That's it for today, I will be posting tomorrow tomorrow, I want to tell y'all about some changes coming up soon!

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