Monday, November 17, 2014

Pinterest Finds

Hello lovelies, I know it's still November, but I'm going into serious Christmas mode, I'm obsessed! I've already started Christmas shopping, I've got a few presents and I've bought a couple of ornaments, I haven't gone overboard, yet. 

The past few Christmases haven't been the best, but this year I'm really feeling it, I have hope that this Christmas is going to be great! I'm determined to make this Christmas special because this is my last Christmas at home, next year I'll be off to college and I won't get to spend the entire holiday season at home

This month I've been wanting to start doing some DIY projects. I've been thinking about getting into crotchet, I tried crotchet as a child, but I could never get into it, so I want to pick it up again and see how it goes. I've been feeling really creative lately, I want to paint, and draw and just do so many things!

Anyway, enough of my rambling about how happy I am, here's what I've found on Pinterest this month!

Okay, so I guess that's it for this month's addition of Pinterest Finds, I've really been trying to limit my time on Pinterest, it's so addicting and time consuming, it's an addiction! Anyway, that's all for today, tomorrow I'll be back with a book review and Wednesday I'll be showing you my Holiday Beauty Wishlist!

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  1. Aw love love love the reindeer ... nothing better than a reindeer and glittery hehe . love this xox