Thursday, January 22, 2015

25 Things About Your Blogger

Hello lovelies,
I hope you're having a great week so far, I decided today that I wanted to share 25 things about me! It's been a while since I've done one of these, and if you're new here you just might learn something new about me!

Let's get started!

1. I'm 5'7".
2. I HATE when people write 'Merica, it's not 'Merica, it's America. 
3. My biggest pet peeve is water bottle sweat.
4. I've never been to a concert.
5. I love Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift
6. My favorite time of year is Winter.
7. I can't wait till Once Upon A Time comes back from it's winter break I'm having withdrawals.
8. I own way to many cardigans!
9. I really need to clean out my closet.
10. I have severe test anxiety.
11. I'm a dog person.
12. I almost drowned once in the Holiday World water park.
13. I will never read all the books on my to-be-read list, there's too many.
14. I will continue adding books to my reading list, even though I may never read them.
15. I'm allergic to everything, except dogs.
16. I can go from listening to classical music to country music to metal in a matter of minutes.
17. My doctor says I drink too much water.
18. I have no filter and it gets me in trouble sometimes.
19. I'm allergic to cats.
20. I love history.
21. I HATE math.
22. I've never had Starbucks coffee!
23. I prefer Google Documents over Microsoft Word.
24. I have six Tumblr blogs.
25. I have two Pinterest accounts.

That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed learning 25 new things about me! What should I know about you? Let me know below!


  1. Oh, I love these kinds of posts! I also can't wait for Once Upon A Time to come back, but I'm glad other shows are starting to.
    How in the world do you keep track of 6 Tumblr blogs??? I've been thinking about starting a second one but even that seems like suck an effort haha.

    xo, Katie

    1. I queue most of my posts, for my main Tumblr blog I try to keep at least 50 in my queue because I have it scheduled to post 20 times a day. The other 5 blogs, I just reblog when I feel like it, or if it's not something I wouldn't want on my main blog.

  2. I love love love these kinda posts! I love learning more about you! And I dont see how you have so many Tumblrs and blogs and pintersets!

    1. It's not easy, I just always make sure I set aside about 30 minutes everyday to schedule some posts or do some pinning.