Tuesday, January 6, 2015

School Essentials

Hello lovelies,
Since most of you are probably starting back to school this week I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my school essentials with you today! I started back to school on the 2nd because I took an early winter break, so far it's going great, I've already had two tests and I have many more coming up!

If y'all don't mind could you comment below and tell me how my picture below looks. I've tried re-uploading it several times but each time it looks really blurry, I'm hoping it just looks that way in editing and that when I publish it, it clears up. If not I apologize, and please let me know below!
Because I'm an online student having a laptop is an absolute necessity, without it I couldn't do anything! Right now I have an HP Pavillion TouchSmart Notebook, but I'm looking to upgrade very soon! Because I'm a blogger and I do my schooling online I need something that's going to last, so I'm planning on ordering a Macbook Pro before I leave for college this fall, maybe even sooner, we'll see! 

I really like the idea of having a school "tackle box". I think it's a great idea to have all of your necessary study items in one place, I actually have one myself that I keep my post-it notes, paper clips, and white out in, and I love it!

I really, really want this planner, I have a small planner already for my blog, but I really want a bigger one to keep track of my schoolwork and deadlines.

I like to keep a small planner like this with me for when I take a study break. Usually during my study breaks I'm writing new blog posts and coming up with new ideas, so having a small planner nearby really makes it easier to plan out my blog calender!

Staples 1 Subject Notebooks, College Ruled
These are my favorite notebooks, I love the way the paper feels, it really smooth and strong, I always wait till August during the Back-To-School sales and I buy them in bulk to last me the year!

BIC Xtra Comfort Round Black Ballpoint Pens
I actually don't like pencils, I'm okay with lead pencils, but I hate wooden pencils! Usually when I'm taking my notes I just write in plain back ink.

BIC Atlantis Pink Ribbon Ballpoint Pens
These are my other favorite pens, I like to use these to underline, and write words that I really want to stand out! Also the ink in these last a REALLY long time!

What are your school essentials? Let me know below! Also if you have any recommendations on what type of laptop you think I should get please let me know below!


  1. Ohh such essentials!! I love the 2015 notebook and the mechanical pencils. Ooh nice laptop too!! We need these happy and finer things to pass through the torture of school ;) Nice post!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books