Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: OPI Nail Lacquer

         Today I will be reviewing the OPI Nail Lacquer  in Tickle My France-y. I bought this a few weeks ago at Krogers for about $8.00, I've said before that I hate paying more than $4.00 for nail polish, but I couldn't resist.
        The reason I chose this color is because I don't have anything like it, and  I wanted a new nude color. 


    This was my first OPI nail polish so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was definitely satisfied with the results. I applied two coats of the nail polish, and I forgot to apply a topcoat, but it still lasted for 6 days with hardly any chipping.


What do I think?

    I really loved this nail polish, I was a little scared about it at first because after the first coat it didn't really look the way I wanted it to. But after I applied the second coat it looked just like I imagined it would.

    I would totally recommend this nail polish to anyone, I think the color is perfect, and this is a nail polish every woman needs in her collection.

    Well that's all for today, let me know what you think in the comments. Will you be buying this? Have you tried it already?



  1. I have never heard of this color! i dont know how great it would look on me but I like it on you!I LOVE OPI. Its my favorite brand and over 75% of my polishes are from them!

    Love Always,

    1. Thanks, I think it would look great on you!