Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Favorites from Nordstrom

It's that time of year again, the weather is starting to warm up, and the snow is melting. It's time to put away those heavy winter coats and bust out your lightweight jackets.

It's Springtime!

You all know that Fall and Winter is my favorite time of year, but I also like Spring. I'm happy for the longer days and warmer weather, I'm just not looking forward to Summer. I know, I know, I'm not like all the other bloggers you follow who can't wait for Summer to get here, but that's just me!

So to get in the mood for the new season I thought today that I would share with you some of my Spring picks from Nordstrom.

That's all for today, so let me know what you think in the comments, and don't forget to follow if you haven't already!



  1. Those earrings are to die for! And I love the number 9 maxi skirt. Too bad I look TERRIBLE in them! haha But overall great picks!

    Love Always,

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, I love that maxi skirt, it's my favorite!