Wednesday, March 26, 2014

School Haul??

I wasn't really sure what to call this post, but since most of the stuff in this post is used for school, I decided School Haul was the best title, for now that is.

Last month I mentioned I was planning on getting a new computer and a new camera, and I did, so I wanted to show them to you.

Obviously I can't use a camera to do my school work, but I do use it for blogging, so that's why I chose to include it.

I was originally planning on ordering a 15.6" Macbook Pro, but I decided to wait till next year to splurge on that. So for now I bought a HP Pavilion TouchSmart Notebook. So far I'm really liking it, and I love the touch screen!
Instead of ordering online, I went to our local Staples store and they setup the computer and added on all of my programs. 
BUT, there was a problem. They gave me the wrong laptop!
Then, when I took it back, I found out that I actually paid $200 more for that laptop than the one I asked for. Unfortunately by then laptop I asked for was no longer on sale, and if I wanted it, then I would have had to of paid and extra $300 to get the one I originally wanted!!!

In the end my mom and I decided that she would take the non-touch screen laptop, and I would get the touch screen till next year when I no longer need it. We didn't get what we anted but ya know shit happens! 

After talking to the manager he apologized for what happened, and gave us a $20 in-store credit. So below is what I got with that $20.

The in-store credit got me 10 notebooks, 2 gold series writing pads, 1 planner pad, 1 pack of Bic pens, and 1 little notepad.  
I also bought an extra 10 notebooks because those are my favorites and I was down to my last one at home.

I also made a trip to the bookstore and I bought these little beauties.

I know I'm a huge dork a Sudoku book and a book about Mythology!

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed my little story, and of course my dorkiness!



  1. I would have been so mad about getting the wrong laptop!!! But you seem to be okay! Hahah! At least you got a twenty dollar store credit! :)

    Love Always,

    1. Yeah, I wasn't too happy at first, but it kinda worked itself out, thanks for the comment!